The Concept


To live simply, underpinned by the power of authenticity
The beauty of simplicity, where restraint is the key

Convenience has been valued too much in the past.
In today’s world, everything and anything can be obtained both easily and quickly,
and there is a growing lack of patience, imagination and real communication.
Everyone everywhere works constantly and yet many who work day and night find themselves hard-pressed to make ends meet.
We find ourselves surrounded by artificial sounds, light and objects,
and there is a sense of distortion in the air.
In this complex society and in our entangled lives,
we are in danger of losing our intrinsic sensibilities and instincts.

From one individual to people everywhere,
from Japan to the world…

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Designer Profile


a.ladonna. (Chiaki Kato)

Fashion designer, costume designer, creator

Born 1978 in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture. After graduating from Vantan Design Institute, Chiaki Kato embarked on a career as an apparel designer for various brands for around 10 years, after which she became a freelance designer in 2007. Kato then established design office a.ladonna in 2009. Kato has a particular interest in people and things Japanese, and continues to collaborate with creators from diverse genres while also being involved in product design and event production. Kato also designs and creates costumes for artists to be worn on stage, order-made wedding dresses, and styles and remakes costumes.

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糸 表紙


A series of garments featuring a marble pattern, the signature icon created by a Kyoto craftsman who is said to be the only person in the world who is able to create this particular pattern on fabric. Ten different designs were created with ten women in mind ? women of different ages and from different backgrounds whom the designer had met through the years, and who had all made an impression on her. Chiaki shaped the fabric into ten unique designs with each of these women in mind.
Ten photographers working in diverse genres then each photographed one garment worn by each of these ten women. The garments and photographs were then featured in an exhibition which?after opening in Tokyo?will tour Kyoto, Mie, San Francisco, Moscow and Barcelona, with Chiaki visiting each of these cities, using the format of the exhibition as a way of directly conveying her thoughts and emotions.

A traveling exhibition that does not own a particular store and hold it in cafes and bars.
Produces only the amount of clothes that was directly ordered from customers at the exhibition.
A semi-haute couture including personalized tag and order-made in sizes/colours.
Projecting from choosing sites, performance, and to provide products to customers.

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About marble print

結 表紙


A maternity wedding dress designed with a specific client in mind.
This woman became pregnant and at the same time lost her only close relative.
She married her partner at a modest wedding attended by his family and their friends.
This dress has been designed for this woman who found herself with a new family and who was about to become a wife and mother, and for many other women like her.

Maternity Series
This dress has been designed for this woman who found herself with a new family and who was about to become a wife and mother, and for many other women like her.
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Made to order Series
TAvailable for rental, contact Chiaki for details.
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縁 表紙


A party event generated by a collaboration of like-minded people.
People from different age groups, nationalities and walks of life gather together, resulting in new encounters.
And, the venue bringing these diverse elements together continues to evolve.

Artists and creatives are cordially invited to participate in this event.

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繋 表紙


Artists, singers and dancers…they transmit and work on initiating with people in spirit.

Designers resonate with them and provide and produce costumes to them.

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「Tsuzuri 」

The Tsuzuri series was born from a single postcard.

This image, painted with coffee, is symbolic and will appear differently to each person that looks at it.

The pattern, with a depth that recalls a series of explosions was created by coffee painter, minor-I, who hopes that those who look at the painting will feel the energy that seems to emerge from within the image.

The Tsuzuri garments are gender-free.
The Tsuzuri garments come in one size only.
These garments represent design in its purest form.

And the design changes, shifts, and is transformed, depending on the wearer.

One person might wear a garment as sarouel pants, while another might wear it as a strapless dress.

One person might wear a garment as a long skirt, while another might wear it as a voluminous snood.

And, the many different ways the garments can be worn are almost limitless.

The appearance of the garment is vividly altered by the individuality of each wearer.

I hope that each person can discover their very own way of wearing my tsuzuri garments, almost as though creating a painting with their body as the canvas.

How will the garment change when worn?
What are the qualities of each person which transform that garment?

The individual characteristics of the person wearing my tsuzuri garment takes on a new tinge, a new aspect.

My wish is to see these “paintings” being created on the streets, in our surroundings, and inside the wearer.


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